Music worth listening to is chosen by people, not algorithms.

What is XERIFY?
Xerify bridges the gap between broadcast radio and on-demand listening by delivering hand-curated music from professional radio hosts via Spotify playlists.  For listeners Xerify is your trusted source for music enjoyment and discovery.  Real music played by real DJs - anytime, anywhere you want it.  For DJs and station managers, Xerify enhances your live shows by amplifying them to the on-demand world without limits of time and space.  Xerify enables new fan acquisition and brand recognition, lets your fans carry your shows in their pocket, and archives your playlists for repeated enjoyment; all the while providing royalties to the artists.

Why Spotify?  Why not Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer or ________?
Several reasons.  First Spotify has the largest subscriber base world-wide. They also offer, through their premium memberships, offline and portable accounts.  This is how we think most of us want to listen to music - without ads, whenever, wherever we want.  Next, the Spotify desktop client and iOS/Android apps are solid and user friendly - they "just work."  And, perhaps most importantly, their music catalog seems to have more eclectic and independent releases than the other services.  Finally, artists get paid via Spotify every time you play a song.  Yes, it's almost nothing but maybe that will change. (See note below) We encourage you to support your favorite artists by buying their music and, as the site/service develops, we hope to provide links to do that.  Is Spotify perfect?  No.  There are definitely some big holes in their catalog, especially in the realm of self-released albums and vintage re-issues.  But for right now Spotify seems to be the best thing going.  If something comes along that does it better we can always add that platform too!

A Personal Note to the Artists

Some artists are reluctant to put their music on digital streaming services. They argue that they just don't get paid enough. That's true, they don't. Payment for a stream is in the fraction of a penny. I understand this, I'm a musician myself. I get it. But the fact is this is where the world is going. In fact this is where the world is. Right now. Today.

The barriers to getting your music to the listeners is no longer controlled by the labels. It's in your hands. I would argue that our job as musicians and songwriters is to make the best possible music we can and have as many people hear it as possible. If people don't hear your music they aren't going to come see your shows, they aren't going to buy that CD or t-shirt from your merch store. Listens create fans, and fans create revenue. Pretty simple.

I've had artists ask me "How much will I make putting my music on Spotify." That's the wrong question. The question is how much are you not making by not putting your music on Spotify? How many potential fans are you not reaching? Give people great music, opportunities to be a part of your tribe, and ways to support you and they'll do it.  -Todd Jagger


(* - If you don't know how to get your music on the digital streaming services contact me. I'll help you.)