How do I listen to the playlists on my mobile device?

It's super simple!

Open Xerify.com on your mobile device's web browser.  The site is formatted to display on a mobile device. *

On each playlist page there is a text-based mobile link as well as the web-based graphic playlist (for playing on your computer).  Simply click on the indicated link that says "Mobile link launches app" on your mobile

This will bring up the web page that will ask if you "Have Spotify" or "Need Spotify".  Assuming you have the Spotify iPhone or Android app you simply click the "I have Spotify" button and the app will open. My experience is that once you tell your mobile browser "I have Spotify" it will remember for future Spotify links and open the app automatically.  (I had to grab that screen capture really fast before the app opened on my iPhone!)

You will then be presented with the playlist you chose in the Spotify app.

If you are on wi-fi this happens very quickly.  If you are on cellular data how fast the playlist loads will depend on your data speed.  It seems pretty slow compared to wi-fi so for best results try to load the playlists when you're in a wi-fi zone.

The best thing to do is to Subscribe to the playlist.   Subscribing makes sure the playlist properly loads on your phone and makes it available later if you want to listen to it again.  You can always unsubscribe later if you want.  So click the Subscribe button.

Once you Subscribe the playlist will offer to let you make it available offline. "No" is set by default, so if you want to listen to the playlist offline then slide the preference to "Yes".

Once you make the playlist available offline it will start downloading the songs to your mobile device (note: Spotify Premium is required for offline access and 320 bitrate downloads).  This is very quick via wi-fi.  In order to download via 2G/3G networks you have to enable that preference in your Spotify app preferences.

Then just touch the first song on the playlist and enjoy some great music!


* - We are continuing to improve the mobile rendering of the site.